The urban wellness Oasis

Natural cosmetics / shamanism / systemic coaching

Is your everyday life stressful? Then it's time to take a break!

With me you can be you, focus entirely on yourself and your needs and come completely into the here and now.

What to expect?

Three minutes' walk from Wettsteinplatz, I set up a cosmetic studio of a different kind. Cosmetic applications are usually aimed exclusively at external beauty.
With me, the skin, the body and the soul can recharge. Recover holistically and take a deep breath.

I work with products, essences and powders that are as natural as possible, so that the skin receives information that it can understand and process.

All of my products are vegan.

Plants breathe, live and have been shown to help us relieve stress and make us feel better. I am very happy to welcome you to my urban wellness oasis.

reviews of my customers

I went to Jenny's facial treatment and, in addition to wonderful products, her magical hands, I received an all-round pampering package, which I can warmly recommend to everyone. She treats her customers individually and lovingly and gives you more than just a cosmetic treatment! I was also able to enjoy a great pedicure from her. I can only recommend them warmly!


The treatment at Jenny's is not a run-of-the-mill procedure like in other places. Before the treatment, she clarifies any problem areas in a conversation. The treatment is adjusted based on this. Her empathy makes you feel good immediately. She also gives advice on further treatment or other life situations. I also think it's great that she can stand behind all the products she uses, because she either makes them herself or has tested them. After a treatment you not only feel very relaxed, but also as liberated as after an evening with your best friend.


When I entered Jenny's "magic room", I immediately felt at home, free from constraints, accepted and arrived. The atmosphere is very different from other salons, simply unique and designed with so much love, which you can feel. I was allowed to enjoy a facial treatment with essential oils and a shamanic healing treatment with Jenny. My skin was more beautiful than ever, it almost soaked up the valuable high-quality substances and thanks me for taking the Neroli Serum home with me. After just a few days, the result of the serum knocked me off my feet, wrinkles and pimples disappear as if by magic, the skin looks healthier and shines beautifully. The self-made products from Jenny have more than convinced me and will also switch to them. The shamanic healing treatment was a very nice experience and has its effect in itself, a lot was allowed to flow again. I am curious how it will go on.

Jenny is simply unique, very empathetic, interested, listens to you for hours, gives advice that will really bring you further in life.

I can only recommend Jenny at all levels and am not already looking forward to my next treatment🙏


I was just asked above by the system “What do you like about this company?”, But unfortunately my desired answers were not included!
Because in my opinion the “very” is missing in front of every term. Jenny is very professional, always on time. Every service is carried out with high quality & I have only received very good services so far. The sweet studio is always very clean and invites you to linger, because you are welcomed by relaxing and soothing scents.
I have known Jenny for many years now and can say that no matter which service you book, each one is unique. The reason for this is that Jenny is a very great person who can give you so much strength and energy even with a completely normal pedicure.
You can't imagine it if you haven't seen it before. I can recommend Jenny to you with a clear conscience!


As a mentor for women & in my work in previous positions, I was and am very strong in “giving”, keeping space, listening, sharing and at the same time constantly being a “student” - learning, growing, feeling, feeling & being. With some internal processes and a lot of internal work in the last two years, I suddenly felt that I was in need of help with a process. When I became aware of this, I won a foot treatment in a raffle from the wonderful Jenny❤️ While looking through the website I saw that Jenny offers not only great beauty treatments for our outer beauty but also shamanic work for our inner beauty✨ Spontaneously & spontaneously, Jenny fully and completely got involved with me and my process, with her loving, warm & yet very energetic and at the same time very wise nature, Jenny was able to help me a lot with an energetic thing🙏🏻 I am very grateful for this wonderful woman in Basel and for me definitely my “go-to” person for energetic processes in which I need help❤️ I can 100% recommend Jenny if you need help with a process (it's completely ok, no even now and then necessary😉) to ask for help. Jenny not only understands ancient, traditional & very powerful shamanic work, she also performs it in an unbelievable way and is powerfully at your side. Dear Jenny ~ I thank you with all my heart🌹With you, you feel very well taken care of, right from the moment you greet the wonderful Coco. Your “magic room” is also visually and energetically beautiful🦋


I have been to Jenny's several times and I can only emphasize how much I appreciate her work. She not only treats very professionally but is also very empathetic and gives tips in all situations.
I also appreciate that she uses a lot of Swiss products with few ingredients, because I attach great importance to them myself and see what I leave on my body. So I can only recommend it and look forward to the next time.


About me

I completed my apprenticeship as a beautician EFZ from 2007 to 2010 at the luxury hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich. The high standard, the complete care of the customers as well as a thoroughly service-oriented action correspond perfectly to me.

I was then able to gain experience in the field of natural cosmetics applications and the manufacture of products in the Claudia Celia natural cosmetics studio in Lucerne.

I have continued to train myself in other cosmetic studios across Switzerland and thus developed my own style.

I have completed various training courses in areas such as psychological counseling, systemic coaching, nutrition, biochemistry, shamanism and herbalism.

International top stars from film and music have been my regular guests for years. However, your social status does not count for me, I greet you as a person. In this fast-paced, often impersonal and success-oriented world, it is my wish to offer you an oasis in which it is all about you.

You can be you, focus entirely on yourself and your needs and arrive completely.

Together we will create your very own personal wellness program.

Price list and payment options

In principle, the invoice for the services or products must be paid directly in the shop.
Payment can be made in cash or via the Sumup Terminal with the following cards:
 all common EC and credit cards: Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

Postcard is currently not possible.

Price list

Goddess ritual   approx 3 hours  315 CHF

Awaken the goddess in you.
The female primal energy, the power of transformation and manifestation is lived and accepted more and more today.
It is our determination to release the feminine energies with ease and love. Being a woman without daily struggle and pressure. Live being a woman and unleash this power.

Feel like a goddess with me.
The head-to-toe femininity ritual includes:

-Facial care with crystals & gold
-Full body massage with the use of real roses.
- Petal foot bath.

-1 bath salt and a healing stone to take home.

Facial care 1 hour Basic 115 CHF

Brief analysis of skin type and condition, cleansing / removing make-up, compresses, peeling, cleaning out the pores, face mask, eye care, lip care, final care

Facial care 90 minutes 165 CHF

Brief analysis of skin type and condition, cleansing / removal of make-up, compresses, peeling, cleansing of the pores, face mask, face massage, décolleté massage, neck massage, eye care, lip care, final care

Aromatherapy facial care 90 minutes 185 CHF

Brief analysis of skin type and skin condition, analysis of the state of mind and selection of essences, cleansing / removal of make-up, compresses with essences, peeling, face mask with essences, face massage with essences, décolleté massage with essences, neck massage with essences, eye care, lip care, final care

Back massage approx. 30 minutes 65 CHF

Massage of the back and neck muscles with soothing oils and essences

Full body massage approx. 60 minutes 130 CHF

Massage of the body muscles with beneficial oils and essences

Facial massage
 including neck and décolleté approx. 30 minutes 65 CHF

Massage of the face, neck and décolleté muscles with soothing oils and essences
including make-up removal and brief cleaning +30 CHF

Foot care basic (incl. Varnish) approx. 45 minutes 80 CHF

Shape nail, remove cuticle, remove callus, massage

Pedicure deluxe (incl. Varnish) approx. 90 minutes 125 CHF

Deluxe aromatherapy foot bath, foot peeling, nail shaping, cuticle removal, callus removal, foot mask, relaxing massage

Crystal work * 65 CHF

The energies are directed through the use of different crystals and healing stones. A deep cleansing and healing may take place, for facial care

Shaping eyebrows 25 CHF

With tweezers and or hot wax

Dyeing eyebrows 15 CHF

discreet and adapted to the skin / hair color

Tinting eyelashes 35 CHF

to perfectly emphasize the beauty of the eyes

Tinting eyelashes / brows and plucking brows 65 CHF

For the most beautiful look

Waxing / hair removal

1/2 Legs     65 CHF

to a hand width above the knee

full Legs     90 CHF

up to the bikini line

Bikiniwaxing     45 - 80 CHF

Bikinilines to Brazilian, depending on complexity

Upper lip wax / chin wax 10 CHF each

First Yoni Steam * (including herbal analysis) approx. 120 minutes 125 CHF

(Only for women from 18 years)
Vaginal steam bath for the relationship with your own body, for femininity and time for yourself and your intensions. Before the first yoni team session, we will talk to each other a lot. I evaluate what you need and we work out a plan for how you can get ahead with your femininity.

Yoni Steam * (including herbal analysis) approx. 70 minutes 65 CHF

(Only for women from 18 years)
Vaginal steam bath for the relationship with your own body, for femininity and time for yourself and your intensions. 

Yoni Steam * (including herbal analysis) with shamanic healing treatment approx. 120 minutes 225 CHF

(Only for women from 18 years)
Vaginal steam bath for the relationship with your own body, for femininity and time for yourself and your intensions.
Shamanic medical treatment * in the energetic area

Healing treatment * 60 minutes (Andean shamanism from Peru) 85 CHF

Shamanic medicinal treatment * in the energetic area, for facial care

Healing treatment * approx 120 minutes (And shamanism from Peru) 190 CHF

Shamanic medicinal treatment * in the energetic area

Coaching first hour     125 CHF


Coaching every additional 1/2 hour            35 CHF


* The shamanic energy medical treatment, yoni steam and crystal work are no substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment and are the responsibility of the client.